Good For You, Patti LuPone

Any regular theater attendee knows and is warned beforehand to turn off their cell phones or put them on silent before the show begins. This is especially true when sitting either spitting distance from the stage or watching a small production in a small theater.

One woman did not heed the warning. During a performance last week,  an audience member was texting during Show For Days starring Patti LuPone. Not breaking character, Ms. LuPone grabbed the woman’s cell phone without ceremony, handed to the stage manager and returned to the stage as if nothing had happened.

I say good for her.

Like many people, I am addicted to my cell phone. It is never too far from my grasp. But there are times when it is best to keep the phone off. Going the theater is one of them.

The people who work in theater, both on and off stage, work very hard to create the illusion of the performance. The people attending the show want to be there and want the illusion. They pay good money (and believe me, the ticket prices for some shows are not cheap) for that illusion. To see someone texting or using social media during the performance breaks the illusion and ultimately ruins the show for all involved.

A lesson learned, not just for this woman, but any present and future theater attendees. Put the phone away. It won’t kill you to not look at your phone for two hours.



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