Throwback Thursday- 80’s Classics- Lean On Me (1989) and The Goonies (1985)

There is something about certain film that keep the audience coming back to it, regardless of how much time has lapsed since the film’s original release.

The first movie I am going to write about tonight is Lean On Me (1989).

Joe Clark (Morgan Freeman) has just been appointed principal of an inner city school. Remembered as unlikable and OCD in his need to take control when he taught, Joe faces multiple obstacles in turning the school around. Drugs, violence and unrest are an every day part of the student’s lives. Can Joe turn the school around and guide his students to a bright future?

Teaching is one of the most difficult jobs that anyone can take on. It takes dedication, heart and a willingness to see that without education, our children and our future is aimless. Based on a true story, Joe is willing to do whatever it takes to turn the school around, even if his methods are controversial.

The second movie I am going to talk about The Goonies (1985).

Mikey and Brandon Walsh (Sean Astin and Josh Brolin) are brothers who home and neighborhood are about to be demolished and replaced by a golf course. The only way to save their home and their neighborhood is to raise the funds. Then Mikey stumbles onto the treasure map of a fabled local pirate and the adventure begins. Will the kids find the treasure and save their homes or will they only find trouble?

For a certain generation, this movie is a symbol of their youth. It is also a story of growing up, finding your courage and discovering who you really are.

I recommend them both.


Throwback Thursday-Big (1988)

When we are kids, there is mystique about being a grownup. We think that we will be wealthy, carefree and have no one to tell us what to do.

Then we grow up and the fantasy is quickly shattered.

In Big (1988), Josh (David Moscow) is a young boy who is tired of being a kid. He wants to be an adult. Josh makes a wish to grow up at a magical wish machine. He wakes up the next day in the form of Tom Hanks.  Josh begins to enjoy the perks of adulthood, but he will also learn about the grey areas and the not so carefree aspects of being an adult.

This movie is a very interesting because it appeals to a wide range of audience members. The adults will remember what is was to be a kid (and sometimes wish they could be a kid again) and the kids might begin to understand that being an adult is not as cracked up as it seems.

I recommend it.

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