Flashback Friday-Bruce Almighty (2003)

Of all the jobs in the world, G-d has the hardest. In whatever form G-d takes (if one believes in a higher power), he, she or it receives requests from billions every day. What would happen if an ordinary mortal took G-d’s place? What would be the consequences of this switch?

In Bruce Almighty (2003), Bruce Nolan (Jim Carrey), complains to G-d (Morgan Freeman) just one too many times.  G-d responds by giving Bruce his job. Can Bruce play G-d while hiding it from his girlfriend, Grace (Jennifer Aniston)?

This film is interesting. In playing Bruce, Carrey is both playing the manic character that we saw in previous films while trying to step away from that type of character. Freeman, with his usual gravitas, was well cast as the almighty being upstairs. Aniston, sadly is still no more than the standard rom-comish girlfriend.

Do I recommend this film? Maybe.

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