I’m Going To Miss You, Jon Stewart

Let’s face it, the news is boring.

Jon Stewart has hosted The Daily Show since 1999. He made the news accessible and understandable for a generation who may or may not read a local newspaper or go to news stories on the internet.

I’m going to miss you, Jon Stewart.

There Is No Comparison

In local news, mogul Russell Simmons has compared animal abuse to the Holocaust and slavery.

He has every right to speak his mind and I respect the fact that he is standing up for animals who have no voice.

But there is no comparison.

Both the Holocaust and slavery represents the worst of humanity. The scars of both still linger and will continue to linger with our culture.

I understand that Mr. Simmons needed to get his point across. But to use those specific comparisons  takes away from the issue and creates an unnecessary controversy.

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