Stooping To Their Level

Readers who follow my blog regularly know that I support Israel and proudly so.

That does not mean that I agree with everything that happens over there.

In Jerusalem, Yishai Shlissel, an Ultra-Orthodox man stabbed several people at Jerusalem’s gay pride parade. This is not the first time that Mr. Shlissel  has attempted to kill members of the LGBTQ Israeli community. He was put in jail for attempting the same act ten years ago.

In Nablus, Jewish extremists are accused of starting a fire that killed a Palestinian toddler.

I am disgusted by both events.

While I believe that the Orthodox have the right to live as they wish to live (and I hope they would extend the same to me), they have no right to kill another simply because he or she lives differently.

In the same vein, starting this fire and killing this innocent child only feeds the hatred and the lies.

By these horrific acts, these people have stooped to the level of the terrorists.  I ashamed that these people are my own.

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