You Know Your A Lost World Fan When….

You know your a Lost World Fan when….

  • You know that the show had very little in common with the original novel and you don’t care.
  • You know that the special effects are not perfect, but you again, you don’t care.
  • You know that the writing was a little on the cheesy side, but again, you don’t care.
  • The first thought that comes to your mind when your alarm goes off on a Tuesday is “what’s today, Tuesday? I don’t kill anyone on a Tuesday.
  • As a straight female or gay male, you appreciate the physical beauty that is John Roxton and Edward Malone.
  • If your a female with curly hair, your thankful that Rachel Blakely kept her hair long and curly for TLW.
  • You appreciate the wisdom and experience that Summerlee and Challenger bring to the table.
  • You are surprised and excited to see a former TLW guest star (e.g. John Noble on Fringe) on another show that you love.
  • You own or watch Counterstrike, despite knowing the fact that it’s not the best film.


  • You’ve read or written TLW fanfiction.
  • You long for a formal cast reunion (it’s been at least ten years since the last one).
  • And finally, when there is nothing on television, you pop in one of your TLW DVDs and allow yourself to be taken into The Lost World for an hour.
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