Throwback Cop- Kindergarten Cop (1990)

Being a teacher is not easy. But pretending to be a teacher when your really a cop is even harder.

In the 1990 movie, Kindergarten Cop, Detective John Kimble (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is a a cop on a mission: to catch drug dealer Cullen Crisp (Richard Tyson). The only way to find Crisp is through his son. So John goes undercover as a teacher at the school of the younger Mr. Crisp to catch the elder Mr. Crisp.  He thinks it will be a breeze. John will soon learn that it will not be easy as it seemed to be.

This movie is interesting. While it tries to stay in the action genre, there are elements of comedy that are interspersed throughout the script. It’s certainly an interesting premise for the lead actor, who is mostly remembered for the Terminator movies.

Do I recommend it? Why Not?


Keep Going, No Matter What

Life is hard sometimes. We face difficult circumstances and obstacles to our desires. But that does not mean we should.

In 2009, Susan Boyle auditioned on Britian’s Got Talent. She was single, middle aged, unemployed, far from model-esque woman,  and at first glance, didn’t appear to have any talent. Then she opened her mouth.

Her journey proves that just because there are bumps in the road, that does not mean we should give up. We never know when an opportunity will come our way.

Whatever you do, wherever you are in your life, do not give up. Good things will come you way.

Thank You, Amy Schumer

Sometimes it takes a bold performer to point out the obvious problems in our world.

Amy Schumer is known for being bold. And raunchy. And truth telling to the point of making others uncomfortable.

But she also hits the nail on the head.

Her latest satire of a birth control commercial is absolutely perfect. It points out that while women must jump through hoops to get birth control (which is sometimes needed beyond the obvious reason), obtaining a gun is a much simpler process.

Thank you, Amy Schumer.

Throwback Thursday-The Queen (2006)

It can sometimes be said that we show our true colors when the chips are down.

In the 2006 movie, The Queen, Queen Elizabeth II (Helen Mirren) is facing a dilemma that no one saw coming.

The death of her ex-daughter in law, Princess Diana has left the country and the world devastated. For the sake of her family, Elizabeth believes the mourning in private is best. But the people are starting to ask why their Queen has not publicly addressed them. It is up to Tony Blair (Michael Sheen) to convince Elizabeth to speak to the public and address the overwhelming grief that they are all experiencing.

As a performer, Helen Mirren can do no wrong in my eyes. What I like about this movie is that it brings us back to that horrible summer when Princess Diana died and it normalizes the grief, especially for those whose feelings we can only speculate on.

I recommend it.

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