How I Write Book Review

Once upon a time, a young person new to a trade would learn under a master of the industry before stepping out on their own.

In writing, there is no such thing.  That is, unless you know where to look (or what book to read).

In 2006, best selling author Janet Evanovich co wrote How I Write: Secrets Of A Best Selling Author.

Ms. Evanovich, who has multiple bestsellers under her belt, guides the writer from the early stages of writing the novel, through revisions and hopefully, to publication.  There are a lot of books on writing. But I find the ones that I appreciate are the ones with the practical advice. Some of the information is not easy to swallow, especially when you are new to novel writing. But it is worth it to read.

I liked this book. Her advice is practical and down to earth. Speaking from experience, she speaks to the writer who hopes to see their story in print and on the bookshelves one day. Writing is not easy. A good writer works very hard to make a book easy to read.  But with continued writing, time and experience, we may all see our dreams become reality.

I recommend it.

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