Flashback Friday-Television Edition- Daria (1997-2001)

Anyone who lived through their teenage years can tell you that those years can be difficult. Especially when you don’t exactly fit in.

In the MTV animated series Daria (1997-2001), Daria Morgendorffer (voiced by Tracy Grandstaff) is a teenage girl in a world that does not understand her. Smart and cynical, Daria’s classmates and sister are for the most part dumb. The adults around them are condescending to young people around them.

This show was and still is the  perfect teenage show. Daria has an insight on the world around her that makes sense, especially to the young person who feels like they don’t fit in with the world around them. It was smart, it was funny and it made those who felt like outsiders feel a little less alone.

Do I recommend it? Absolutely.

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