Throwback Thursday-Erin Brockovich (2000)

Heroes do not always wear capes or masks. They are sometimes ordinary people who see an injustice and take up the fight for those who cannot.

In 1993, Erin Brockovich was just a single mother trying to do her best to get by and care for her kids. Hired by lawyer Edward L Masry to work as a legal assistant in his firm, she discovered that the water in Hinkley, California was contaminated. Advising her boss to take the case, they would expose the reason for the contamination and the reason why area residents were getting sick.

In 2000, a film with Julia Roberts in the starring role, told Erin’s story. At the beginning of the film, Erin is an unemployed single mother who is desperate for a job. Then her luck changes when after being hit by a car, when she convinces her lawyer Edward L Masry (Albert Finney) to allow her to work off what would have been her bill. She starts off as a woman who is barely hanging by the skin of her teeth and ends up taking down a billion dollar corporation.

Julia Roberts deserved the Oscar for this role. Erin is an every woman. She is a mother trying to survive. She is trying to find a job to feed her kids. Most importantly, she becomes a hero who proves once more that David can take down Goliath.

I absolutely recommend this film.


Throwback Thursday-Hellboy (2004)

A comic book, although it can be perceived by some as mindless entertainment for young minds, can be more than that.

Originally released as a comic book in 1993, Hellboy made his big screen debut in 2004.

Hellboy (Ron Perlman) is a demon who was brought from the underworld by the Nazis during the final days of World War II. Raised by human mortals, he is now fighting for the other team.

When a new evil appears, he must work with a team that includes his ex, Liz (Selma Blair) and his human sidekick, John (Rupert Evans).  Can they stop this new evil or will evil win the day?

What I liked about this movie is that unlike other movies based on comic books, it does not take itself too seriously. There is an element of fun in this very typical comic book film. My only qualm is that once again, the female lead, who is both the love interest and a member of the team, is again reduced to a damsel in distress role who must be rescued by the hero.

Do I recommend? Why not, I’ve seen worse?

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