The New Trail Of Tears

Human history is full of people, who in facing death and destruction, have left their homes and communities in hopes of finding save haven elsewhere.

In American history, one of the most shameful episodes is the Trail of Tears. In ¬†the 1830’s, nearly a half dozen Native American tribes were forced to leave their homes and ancestral lands by the American government. ¬†Among the 15,000 members of the Creek tribe that were being forced to relocate, 3500 died before reaching their final destination.

The new Trail Of Tears starts in Syria and ends in Europe. Thousands have abandoned their homes and communities in hopes of escaping the violence, chaos and destruction that have engulfed their lives.

We have a humanitarian crisis on our hands. Where is the UN? Where are the governments of the first world, where democracy is the law of the land?

They do nothing, as usual.

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