Flashback Friday-Aisha (2010)

The best stories are timeless. They can be told in new and different ways, but still remind the audience of why they loved the original story.

The 2010 Bollywood film Aisha, has taken Jane Austen’s Emma out of the early 19th century English country side and placed her in modern day India. After playing matchmaker with her aunt, Aisha Kapoor (Sonam Kapoor) believes that she has the magic touch when it comes to figuring out who should be together. Arjun Burman (Abhay Deol) is Aisha’s long time neighbor. He tries to prevent her from matching a couple who is completely mismatched. But like her literary predecessor , Aisha is not easily convinced that she is wrong.

This movie is cute. There is a nice balance between the cannon Emma and the elements that are unique to Bollywood films.  Unlike other films that try to meld both worlds, but don’t quite find the the right mix, this film keeps fans of Jane Austen and Bollywood satisfied.

I recommend it.


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