Flashback Friday- Dinosaurs (1991-1994)

Social commentary is sometimes best served in an out of left field context.

In the early 1990’s, the ABC show, Dinosaurs (1991-1994), took dinosaurs of out of their ancient setting and put them in a modern setting. Taking the roles of a traditional, suburban family, they lived their lives as many of us do. Taking the creativity a step further, human beings were on the show, but they were either pets or wild creatures not to be approached. A Jim Henson Company production, the show bore all of the hallmarks of a traditional Jim Henson show.

I remember enjoying this show back in the day. Copying from The Flintstones playbook, the show on the surface appealed to kids, but there was also an undercurrent that a young mind at the time would have  not understood.

Do I recommend it? For nostalgia’s sake, yes, but other than that, no.


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One response to “Flashback Friday- Dinosaurs (1991-1994)

  1. I loved this show when was a kid. The baby was hilarious!!

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