Donald Trump, Politics And The 2016 Presidential Election

According to a February 2013 article in the Huffington Post, just under 60% of Americans who were able to vote in the 2012 Presidential elections voted.

I think this year will be different.

Saturday Night Live, as they usually do when it comes to politics and major elections, hit the nail on the head last night.

During the Weekend Update segment, cast member Pete Davidson in a segment entitled “Resident Young Person” was asked what he thinks about Donald Trump and the possibility of seeing him in the White House come 2016.

Davidson stated during the segment that the thought of seeing Donald Trump in the White is enough of a reason to go to the voting booth.

I think Donald Trump as President scares a lot people, not just the younger voters.

Whether or not he wins is to be seen. But if his presence in the race is enough to get America off their behinds and vote, then maybe there is a method to the madness.


A Byline Or Experience Vs. A Paycheck

We all remember the crash of 2008. The numbers of unemployed workers were staggering. As of a report in 2009, 2.6 million Americans were out of work. The unemployment rate was 7.2%, a figure that had not been seen since 1945.

Many workers, after failing to obtain traditional employment, started freelancing. A report from the Freelancers Union last year stated that 53 million Americans chose freelancing over traditional employment.

There are pluses and minuses to both traditional employment and freelancing.

The question, especially when it comes to freelance writing, is that if a byline (i.e. experience) or a paycheck is preferable?

On the surface, the answer is obvious: a paycheck. We all need to eat and pay our bills. A byline cannot be presented to a bank or landlord as a mortgage or rent payment.

However,  if an article goes viral or if it is published in a well-respected publication, that may be enough to open the door to larger projects, prominent clients and larger paychecks.

#FreelanceIsn’tFree has become a popular saying among freelancers. While it is certainly true, sometimes it takes one article to set a freelancer off in the right direction.

Now I leave the question to you. If you were freelancing and it came down to an article that promised to set your career off or a less prominent article that came attached to a decent paycheck, which would you choose?


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