Home Fires Review

War will often bring out the best or the worst in humanity. It forces us to accept a new reality and challenges we might not previously considered.

The new series Home Fires, is about  group of women in a small town in Chesire, England. World War II is on the horizon.

The external tension, fear and frustration of the looming war is easily matched by the internal tension, frustration and fear among the women of the village. Joyce Cameron (Francesca Annis) has led The Women’s Institute, for a few years now. Some of the women in the group, including Frances Barden (Samantha Bond) believe Joyce is too selective in how she runs the organization.

Other women are dealing with sons who want to enlist, loved ones with medical problems or spouses who are stuck in the dark ages when it comes to household responsibilities.

What I found compelling about this series is that it is a positive women centric story. Yes, there is the potential of romance for two of the characters, but it is so much more. These are strong, powerful, intelligent women who are once again facing the reality of war and possibly losing their husbands, fathers, sons and brothers in the battlefield. But while their men are fighting overseas, the women are also fighting for their family, for the lives and for their country.

I absolutely recommend it.

Home Fires Airs on PBS at 8PM on Sunday. 



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