Simply Put, No

In case you haven’t heard, a fresh round of violence is taking place in Israel. As usual, the blame is not on the attackers, but on the victims.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The Israeli government is not perfect. The Israeli army is not perfect. There are elements in the Israeli civilian population who are just as hate filled as their Arab counterparts.  But that does not mean that picture the media and the world paints of the conflict is completely accurate.

Israel does not and has never desired conflict with her neighbors. Her only desire is to live in peace with the countries around her, as does any country. But unfortunately, with land hungry and blood thirsty neighbors, the Israeli government and army must be on alert at all times.

I am not claiming to be an expert on the subject and I have never made that claim. I only know what my heart and my head tells me. I also know that  I have been to Israel. I know the beauty of the land, the generosity of the people and the delicious food that I eat.

I wish the media could present a balanced picture of the conflict. I wish the world would look at this conflict with eyes wide open instead of seeing it from only one side.

But unfortunately, that is not what is happening and that is what makes this issue all the more complicated.

Happy Monday.

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