Throwback Thursday-Working Girl (1988)

Women in the 1980’s were on a threshold. The doors that had been previously closed to their mothers and grandmothers were opening. Women, who had they been born a generation earlier might have settled for being a wife and a mother, were entering the professional world in large numbers.

In the 1988 movie Working Girl, Tess McGill (Melanie Griffith) works as a secretary. Feeling stuck and frustrated, Tess takes her revenge on her boss, Katharine Parker (Sigourney Weaver), when Katharine steals one of Tess’s ideas. When Katharine is home, recovering from a ski accident, Tess pretends that she is the boss, not the secretary. Things become complicated when Tess becomes involved business wise and romantically with Jack Trainer (Harrison Ford). Will Tess be able to get away with the ruse or will it backfire in her face?

This movie is a 1980’s business Cinderella meets second generation feminism. While it has many of the hall marks of a traditional romantic comedy, there is something different about this movie. It speaks to many women, then and now, who are eager to climb the corporate ladder, but for one reason or another are kept at their present position. While the clothes and the hair are a bit cringe worthy (it was the late 80’s, after all), this movie  still speaks to audiences today.

I recommend it.


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