Idris Elba As The Next James Bond? Yes Please

With the release of Spectre, the most recent James Bond film, rumors have been circulating about who might play the world’s most famous spy when Daniel Craig decides to move on with his career.

My vote is for Idris Elba and this is why.

  1. If one of the requirements to play James Bond is to be easy on the eyes, Idris Elba has it in spades.
  2. Bond is more than a bed hopping spy with saucy one liners who with little trouble, can defeat his latest nemesis. The more recent Bond films have shown him to be a man who is dealing with internal turmoil. Considering Elba’s work in Luther, I don’t think he will   have a problem playing that internal drama.

3.  It’s about time to see Bond played by an actor of color.

Happy Saturday!


Suffragette Review

There is an old saying: well-behaved women seldom make history.

The new movie, Suffragette is not only about women who made history, but changed history.

Maud Watts (Carey Mulligan) is an every woman. A member of the lower classes, she has spent most of her life working in a laundry. She is also, like many women of her era, a wife and mother. In the beginning of the film, Maud is simply trying to get by. She is aware of the feminist movement, but has no interest in joining the movement.

Then she is drawn in by Violet Miller (Anne-Marie Duff) and Edith Ellyn (Helena Bonham-Carter). Inspired by Mrs. Pankhurst (Meryl Streep) and Emily Davison (Natalie Press), Maud is drawn to the movement, but is torn between her new-found beliefs and her responsibility to her husband and her son.

I found this film to be nothing short of amazing (and hopefully award-winning). Mulligan as Maud, is not a member of the upper classes who decides to join the movement to fill up her empty day.  She is a working wife and mother who by the end of the film, understands that despite the costs, feminism was absolutely necessary. Combining fictional characters with real women and historical events, this film is a reminder of how far we have come, but also how far we need to go.

I absolutely recommend this film, especially if you are female. It will make you grateful and angry at the same time.

Suffragette is presently in theaters. 

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