My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 Trailer

For many film fans, watching a sequel is like walking a fine line. You want to enjoy the next chapter of the story, but you also want to remember what made the first film memorable and entertaining.

The trailer for the sequel to My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002) is out. Taking off where the first movie left off, Toula (Nia Vardalos) and Ian (John Corbett) are raising their now teenage daughter is who is facing the same issues that her mother faced in the first film.

What made the first movie such a hit was that the story was universal. It was not a necessity to be of Greek origins to understand Toula or her view of her crazy, but loving family. I can only hope that the sequel lives up to its predecessor. But only time and box office receipts will tell.


Throwback Thursday-Imagine Me & You (2005)

Life can throw us the most interesting curve balls.

In Imagine Me & You (2005), Rachel (Piper Perabo) is preparing to marry Heck (Matthew Goode), her long time boyfriend.  All is well in pre-wedded bliss land, until Rachel meets Luce (Lena Headey), the florist that she and Heck have hired for their wedding. Not knowing that Luce is a Lesbian, Rachel and Heck set her up with Cooper (Darren Boyd), Heck’s best friend. Then Rachel starts to develop feelings for Luce and must make a decision. Will she go on with her old life and pretend that nothing has changed or will she take a leap and follow her heart?

I find this movie to be charming. Beyond the standard tropes, characters and story lines of a romantic comedy, I like that it features gay characters that are not one note stereotypes. Luce is a fully fleshed out character. What made it stand out for me was Rachel’s journey. Instead of choosing between the old boyfriend and the new boyfriend, the fact that she is questioning her sexuality gave it a nice twist. And of course, any movie that uses the title of a Turtles song for its own title is cool in my book.

I recommend it.

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