Throwback Thursday-Goodburger (1997)

They say that you cannot go home. Your childhood memories are just that, memories.

If there is one thing that makes me feel very old is re-watching movies from high school and looking at them with eyes of an adult.

In honor of such memories, I will be writing about Goodburger (1997) in this Throwback Thursday post.

Based on the skit from All That, Ed (Kel Mitchell) and Dexter (Kenan Thompson) are two teenage boys, who like many kids their age, work in a fast food restaurant. They are not the brightest bulbs in the box. When a new fast food restaurant opens across the street and wants to dominate the fast food industry,  it’s up to Ed and Dexter to keep their restaurant open.

While this movie is far from Oscar worthy, when you’re a kid, it’s hilarious. Does that mean as an adult, I would sit down and watch it? I don’t know.

Do I recommend it? For old times sake, maybe.

P.S. If the movie does not make you feel old already, here are clips from All That and The Goodburger reunion on Jimmy Kimmel.


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