Ezra Schwartz

Ezra Schwartz was an ordinary 18 year kid. He had his whole life ahead him. Ezra Schwartz is no longer of this world.

Instead of going straight to college as many kids do after high school, this young man decided to take a gap year and live in Israel before returning home and going to college.

He was killed earlier this week in a terrorist attack.

The response from the White House is crickets. There is no televised speech or statement from regarding the murder of an American by a terrorist.

The silence is telling, as is Obama’s willingness to make a deal with Iran, whose intentions are clear.

It it sad and scary to me that while the world applauds Russia and France dropping bombs on Isis as a retaliation for the Paris attacks last weekend, there is only accusations and lies when Israel tries to defend her own from those same terrorists.

What I would like to remind our politicians is that we have  an election year coming up. The American people have a long memory, especially when it comes the government dropping the ball.

I hope those that seeks the Presidency in 2016 remember that when they go up to the podium and tell us that they want to be President.



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