On Syrian Immigration

The statistics are scary. According to a Reuters article from February, the number of civilians killed in the Syrian war was about 200,000 and growing.

The number of people who have left Syria looking for a safe haven from the violence and destruction is 4,289,792. Taking the figures from a bustle article, most of the refugees are not young men of fighting age, but women and children.

After the attack in Paris last week, there are many around the world who are questioning if opening the borders to refugees is a good idea.

Despite her flaws and her problems, I believe in America. I believe in her potential, I believe in the democracy that does not force a specific political, legal or religious ideology down the throats of her citizens, but allows them to live as they wish.

I believe in America because 100 years ago, she opened her doors to millions of immigrants who were seeking a new life and new opportunities. My relations are among these millions.

The question that has to be asked is, how can be welcome these refugees into the United States, while prevent the more radical elements from sneaking in and then replaying the Paris attack in Boston, New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, etc?

My heart truly breaks for these people, especially for the children whose childhoods are interrupted. No one should have to experience what these children have experienced.

While I don’t have the answer to the question, I can only hope that someone who has the power to make these decision does.

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