Pastrami On Rye Book Review

Every culture, every ethnicity has its own unique cuisine. Jewish cuisine, especially Jewish sandwiches are known for being large and mostly meat.

In his new memoir, Pastrami on Rye: An Overstuffed History of the Jewish Deli, author Ted Merwin follows the story of the Jewish delicatessen. Starting in the early 20th century with the mass of immigration from Eastern Europe and ending with the unique (and sometimes non-kosher) delicatessens that have opened in recent years, the book traces the story of Jewish food in America.

 I found this book and it’s subject to be fascinating. I’m certainly no stranger to the traditional Jewish delicatessen meal and I was aware of its history, but not the extent that the book covers. Written in a way that appeals to history geeks, foodies, Jews who love their food the way their grandparents eat and everyone in between, this book has a narrative that is easily read and highly enjoyable.

I recommend it.  

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