This Has To Stop

It’s a sad day in America when mass shooting by private citizens are every day news.

Last week it was the shooting at the Planned Parenthood location in Colorado.

Today, it was the shooting in San Bernardino.

This has to stop, here and now.

I completely understand that the right to bear arms is part and parcel of the Constitution. However, that was another era.

We need to regulate guns in this country. We need to make sure that every person who wishes to purchase a gun does it legally and has the mental capacity to utilize it properly.

We also need to make sure that those who suffer from mental illness receive the treatment that they need.

I am tired of writing and hearing about the loss of innocent lives to unnecessary gun violence in this country.

This has to stop.



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5 responses to “This Has To Stop

  1. vamosnotebook

    California is already the strictest state in the country for firearm laws. What laws would have stopped this shooting?


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