Flashback Friday-The Adventures Of Pete and Pete (1992-1996)

When you’re a kid, the best television shows are sometimes the ones that are a little quirky.

Between 1992 and 1996, The Adventures Of Pete and Pete told the story of two redheaded brothers with the same name. The elder Pete (Michael C. Marona) narrates the story while his younger brother, also named Pete (Danny Tamberelli) obsesses about the perfect song.

While this show was one of the odder programs of the 1990’s Nickelodeon lineup, it was still interesting. And it was nice to red-heads of the male sex on television.

Do I recommend it? Why not, especially for old times sake.

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One response to “Flashback Friday-The Adventures Of Pete and Pete (1992-1996)

  1. I loved this show, and the younger Pete’s tattoo! I remember the older brother being on a commercial for GEICO (I think) a few years later, but other than that don’t know what either Pete did after that, at least without going to IMDB.


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