Throwback Thursday-The Torkelsons (1991-1992)

Life is not easy when you’re a parent. Life is even more difficult when you’re a single parent.

In the short-lived early 90’s television show The Torkelsons (1991-1992), Millicent Torkelson (Connie Ray) is a single mother raising five children. Her eldest daughter, Dorothy (Olivia Burnette) dreams of a better life. Adding to her limited income is boarder Wesley Hodges (William Schallert).

In 1993, the show was retooled as Almost Home. Dropping two of the Torkelson children, the audience sees the now family of four relocating to Seattle where Millicent becomes the nanny of the teenage children of Brian Morgan (Perry King).

While neither show lasted, they are a nice relic from another era. And it’s nice to see up then up and coming actors whose professional future we know now to be bright.

Do I recommend them? Well they’re not that great, but the shows are not so completely horrible. To answer your question, maybe.

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