Throwback Thursday-Dave (1993)

Politics and government is a tricky topic. Only those at the very top know what is happening behind closed doors.

In Dave (1993), Dave Kovic (Kevin Kline) owns a temporary agency. Just an average Joe, Dave goes about his business like any other private citizen. But Dave has one quality that makes him stand out: he bares an uncanny resemblance to the President Of The United States, Bill Mitchell (also Kevin Kline).  Initially hired for a one time job to stand in for the President when Bill wants to get out of an event, Dave expects to return to his normal life after the event.

Then Bill has a stroke while having sex with one of his aides and Dave once more steps into the President’s shoes. Bob Alexander (Frank Langella) and Kevin Dunn (Alan Reed) think they can control Dave. They soon find out that not only does Dave do a better job at running the country than the actual President, but he also develops feelings for the First Lady, Ellen Mitchell (Sigourney Weaver).

Will the ruse last and if it does not last, can Dave return to his every day life as if he did not pretend to be President?

There is something about this movie that is appealing and charming. Not just the cast and the plot, but someone in power who wants to do what the President is supposed to do: serve the country, not their own personal needs.

Do I recommend it? Yes.


Throwback Thursday-Maid In Manhattan (2002)

Despite their fantastical qualities, fairy tales can often teach the reader about the basics of life.

In Maid In Manhattan (2002), Marisa Ventura (Jennifer Lopez) is a single mother who works as a maid in a swanky hotel in Manhattan. On a whim, she tries on the clothing of wealthy socialite Caroline Lane (the late Natasha Richardson). Political candidate and eligible bachelor Christopher Marshall (Ralph Fiennes) enter’s Caroline’s hotel room thinking that he has met Caroline. Whom he has really met is Marisa. There is a connection between Christopher and Marisa, but it maybe severed when the real Caroline steps forward and Marisa is outed as the maid. Will there be a fairy tale happy ending or are Christopher and Marisa destined to go their separate ways?

I normally do not like fairy tales, especially Cinderella. Most of the time, the characters are cookie cutter and the plot is predictable from a mile away. But, for some reason I like this Cinderella, even with the standard characters and plot. The elements of race, class and money elevate the plot to another level. Is the ending predictable? Of course, it is a fairy tale with the traditional Hollywood happy ending. But it could be a whole lot worse.

Do I recommend it? Why not?

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