Throwback Thursday-Paradise Road (1997)

Women are supposed to be the weaker sex, according to some. Exertion is not natural to us. We prefer to not let anything ruffle our feathers and sit quietly by the wayside while the men exert themselves.

How wrong they are.

The 1997 movie Paradise Road is based on a story of women who are taken hostage by the Japanese during World War II. Led by Adrienne Pargiter (Glenn Close), their only outlet from their present situation is music. Despite the disapproval of their captors, a choir is assembled by the women.

Will the women survive their imprisonment? Is the music enough to keep them alive until they are free once again?

What I like about this movie is that not only is the cast mostly female, but the characters are put in a situation where they must put aside all notions of what is to be a lady and just survive.  The courage and strength that these women have is truly inspiring.

And for my fellow Jane Austen fans, there a couple of Austen actors in this film. Whom they are and what roles they played, you must find out.

Do I recommend it? Of course.


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