Flashback Friday-Shark Tale (2004)

The animal kingdom is remarkably like the human world. There are species and personalities that are more dominant, and others who prefer to keep to the background.

In Shark Tale (2004),  Oscar (voiced by Will Smith) is a bottom feeder fish who was deemed as the next meal by the gangster sharks led by Don Lino (voiced Robert De Niro). Don Lino’s son, Lenny (voiced by Jack Black) is not so eager to eat his fellow sea creatures. Oscar is found at the scene of Don Lino’s murder. Everyone assumes that Oscar killed him. Oscar goes along with the idea, until he realizes there are consequences to his lies.

Let’s call it what it is. It is a watered down (get it 😉 ) gangster movie about an ordinary guy who gets entangled with the mob. But instead of the characters being human, they are fish.

Do I recommend it? I think I will let you decide. It is merely ok for me, but someone else may have a different opinion.


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