Wonder Of Wonders Book Review

Fiddler On The Roof is many things. It is a classic Broadway musical. It is a story of a world and a generation that no longer exists. It is a story of a man and a family facing change, internally and externally.

Wonder Of Wonders: A Cultural History Of Fiddler Of The Roof is the story of how Fiddler On The Roof transformed from a series of short stories by Sholem Aleichem to a Broadway musical that premiered over 50 years ago and has since become part of the American and entertainment cultural landscape. Author Alisa Solomon takes the reader back in time to the original stories of Tevye the Milkman and his daughters. She follows the history of the stories as they were shaped and edited for the Broadway stage and beyond.

I’ve been a fan of Fiddler On The Roof for many years. Not just because it is the history of my people, but also because of the universal themes that anyone, regardless of their cultural or religious background can relate to. I was surprised when I finished the book and I felt like I just read a college textbook. While the story itself is interesting, I found the book to be a little on dry side.

Do I recommend it? If you’re a fan of the show, a fan of Broadway or a history buff, I would say yes. Otherwise, I would recommend to skip it all together.

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