A Note For Viagra? I Love It!

I love it when the tables are turned, especially on men who think they can make an arbitrary decision about a woman’s life choices.

In Kentucky, State Legislator Mary Lou Marzian has come up with a new way to turn on the tables on men who want to tell women if they have the right to an abortion or birth control.

She has proposed a bill that states that if a male needs drugs to deal with erectile dysfunction, he cannot simply receive a prescription and go to the local pharmacy. First, two doctors have to sign off the prescription. Then his wife has to provide written consent and finally, he must swear on a bible that the only person he is using the drugs to have sexual relations with is his spouse. And of course, the cherry on top is that the man must be married.

Only time will tell if the bill is actually written into the law books. Even if it is not, I still relish the thought. Perhaps now these men will think twice about making what could be life changing decisions for women.


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