Throwback Thursday-The Pacifier (2005)

One of the recent trends in film and television over the past 25-ish years is Mr. Mom. While the media has reflected the changes in our culture, that does not mean that every on-screen depiction of Mr. Mom is pleasing to audiences.

In 2005, Vin Diesel sort of stepped away from the uber macho, bad ass hero role into a kinder, gentler version of his previous action hero characters in The Pacifier.

Shane Wolfe (Vin Diesel) is a former Navy Seal whose newest assignment seems like a babysitting job, well because that is what it is, sort of.

Shane is former Navy Seal because he was unable to save a scientist who had developed a top-secret device. Now he must protect the man’s widow and children while searching for the device. The device’s location is suspected to be somewhere in the scientist’s house. Can Shane protect the family and locate the device or will those that seek this device for less than honorable uses locate it first?

I get it. Every actor who is known for bad ass macho action roles has taken their turn in the action/comedy genre. Stallone did it. Schwarzengger did it, Willis did it. Does that mean that Vin Diesel’s turn in the genre was successful? To my mind, this movie is merely mediocre, but that’s my opinion.

Do I recommend it? Not really.


Throwback Thursday-The Blue Lagoon (1980)

There is something about being a teenager and growing up that is universal.

In The Blue Lagoon (1980), Victorian era teenagers Richard (Christopher Atkins) and Emmeline (Brooke Shields) are shipwrecked. Finding themselves on a deserted island. While they find a way to survive, they will also discover that nature and hormones will soon intervene. Will Emmeline and Richard ever leave the island and more importantly will their relationship change as their bodies change?

I find this movie to be very interesting. Because the main characters are isolated from the world, especially the very strict Victorian society that they come from, their growth is not stunted by the rules of their era. The actors were also very close to the age of their characters, which always helps.

Do I recommend it? Why not?


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