John Oliver On Abortion Rights….Absolute Perfection

I could go on and on about why abortion must be legal in this country, but I will let John Oliver do it. Well, because he is John Oliver and he is brilliant.

Downton Abbey Series 6, Episode 7 Recap: Mary the B*****, Thomas Attempts Suicide & Mrs. Patmore Has A Scandal On Her Hands

As usual, this recap contains spoilers, read at your own risk if you have not seen the episode.

In honor of beginning and endings (and the final episode airing on March 6th), I’m going to try a new format for my recap. Here I go.

After 6 seasons and countless fights, Mary get’s what is coming to her. Fueled by her own fears that a potential marriage to Henry Talbot will have the same results of her first marriage, Mary is in rare form, biting and sniping at the people around her. No more so, than at Edith who announces her engagement to Bertie, who is no longer an ordinary land agent, but Lord Hexum. Should Edith marry Bertie, she would outrank the rest of her family.

As anyone who has siblings can attest, no one knows you better than your brother or sister. Especially when it comes to pushing buttons. If any pair of siblings can push each other’s buttons, it’s Edith and Mary. ┬áThat leads to Mary outing Marigold as her niece and Bertie walking away, naturally feeling hurt. Not that I blame him.

I could talk about the fight between the surviving Crawley sisters, but it’s so much more fun to watch.

After they both calm down and Mary is finally gotten through by Tom and her grandmother, Edith returns in time for her sister’s wedding to Henry. While these sisters will never truly be lovey dovey with each other, they understand that one day, their world will change and everyone around them will be just a memory.

Downstairs had its own set of drama.

After being beaten down emotionally one too many times by Carson and feeling disheartened by his lack of progress in finding new employment, Thomas attempts to take his own life. But he is saved in the nick of time by Baxter, who despite the abuse that Thomas heaped upon her in the past, has become his champion. She’s a better woman than many of us would be in that situation.

After Mrs. Patmore’s bed and breakfast was revealed as the love nest of the not so Mr. and Mrs., a minor scandal erupts. The only way to make the scandal go away, is a visit from the Crawley’s to return respectability and propriety to Mrs. P. and her future as an entrepreneur.

Thankfully, the entire episode was not all drama. Molesley’s teaching career seems to going well and all is quiet on the pregnancy front with Anna and Bates.

Did anyone else laugh as loud as I did when Spratt was revealed as the writer of the advise column by “Miss Cassandra Jones”? Bravo, Julian Fellows, for giving us a moment of true comedy in all of the super heavy drama.

My favorite scenes in this episode, belong to Isobel. The first scene is between her and Lord Merton, who seems honestly surprised about the invitation to his son’s wedding. My other favorite scene was between Mary and Isobel at Matthew’s grave. Feeling super remorseful for her actions, Mary is surprised by Isobel at the cemetery. The two women have a moment together and that is all Mary needs to move on with her life.

Next Sunday is another Alistair Bruce special and then after that, the final episode begins.

I think I had better start stocking up on the Kleenex now.

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