Crowded Review

The life track for many used to be as follows: grow up, leave home, marry, have kids and be an adult.

That used to be reality. Today new adults are known as the boomerang generation, moving back home after experiencing a certain level of independence.

In the new NBC show, Crowded, Mike and Martina Moore (Patrick Warburton and Carrie Preston) are a middle-aged couple who hope that the have become empty nesters. Their hopes are dashed when their twenty something daughters Stella (Mia Serafino) and Shea (Miranda Cosgrove) move back home. Add in Mike’s father, Bob (Stacey Keach) and his stepmother, Alice (Carlease Burke) and his much younger half-brother, Ethan (Clifford McGhee) and you have a crowded house.

I was attracted to the premise of the show because it feels very timely. Unfortunately, most of the jokes fell flat and the narrative felt forced.

Do I recommend it? No.

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