You Might Be A Fiddler On The Roof Fan If…

I had the  incredible pleasure of seeing the new revival Of Fiddler On The Roof back in January. It is one of the freshest, most entertaining Broadway shows I have seen in a very long time.

With that being said, you might be a Fiddler On The Roof fan if…

  • You don’t have to be Jewish or have familial roots in Eastern Europe to recognize the human relationships or the human stories enfolding on stage.
  • If you had any control over the Tony Awards in June, you would automatically give Danny Burnstein the award for Best Actor in a musical.
  • You recognize the contemporary nature of the narrative, especially with the current refugee crisis in Syria.
  • If you have a sister or a brother, you understand the relationship between Tevye’s daughters.
  • You have purchased the soundtrack, which has instantly wormed itself into your brain and has not left.
  • You are sad that the last episode of Motel Citizen premiered tonight.

  • If you are Jewish and your ancestors have come from Eastern Europe, you are bursting with nachas (pride) that the revival is a success.
  • You have seen this revival at least once (or twice) and would eagerly go again.
  • As a woman, looking back at the lives of Golde, her daughters and the women of Anatevka, you appreciate that what you can accomplish goes beyond the traditional roles of marriage and motherhood.
  • Even though you may know the story inside out, you are wishing that for once, the story would have ended differently.
  • Knowing the history of 20th century Europe, you wince at Tzeitel and Motel moving to Warsaw and you hope that if a sequel to Fiddler existed, that they would have left Europe before World War II.
  • And finally, you adore this musical.

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