This Place and Agitprop Review

Art often has a way of humanizing events that often seem hard to grasp conceptually.

Two new exhibits at the Brooklyn Museum, This Place and Agitprop, use art to tell stories and fill in these gaps.

The first exhibit, This Place, takes the cold, hard facts of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and uses photographs to humanize this conflict that more often seems black and white than grey.

Using over 600 photographs from some of the world’s most respected photographers, these pictures tell the stories of the individuals who live in Israel and The West Bank. Given creative license in terms of subject and scope, each photographer used his or her camera to put a face and a name on a conflict where many take sides, but few truly comprehend.

The second exhibit, Agitprop, brings together the world of propaganda and agitation. On first glance, propaganda and agitation might seem worlds apart, but upon closer inspection, it’s quite easy to see how similar they are.

Using a variety of mediums and artists, this exhibit shows how close propaganda and agitation are.

I found both exhibits to be fascinating. They reveal a dimension of reality that the media and the facts cannot.

I recommend them both.

This Place will be at the Brooklyn Museum until June 5th. Agitprop will be at the Brooklyn Museum until August 7th.

The museum is located at  200 Eastern Parkway, in Brooklyn, NY. 

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