Today I Voted

Today was the Democratic and Republican primaries in New York State.

Not surprisingly, Hillary Clinton won the Democratic primary and Donald Trump won the Republican primary.

Today I voted.

Among the iconic and most basic human rights that are listed on the Bill Of Rights, one of the most important is the right to vote. It guarantees all citizens have a voice in how their country is being run.

I voted today not just because it is a privilege, but because it is my right and responsibility.  There are many countries around the world where voting rights are severely restricted or non-existent, especially for women.

I voted today because 100 years ago, women were still fighting for the right to vote.

Today I voted, did you?


Modern Girls Book Review

There is no closer bond than the one between mother and daughter. For some mother-daughter duo’s, there is almost a psychic like understanding that only exists between the two of them.

Jennifer S. Brown explores this relationship, along with a number of other factors in her new novel, Modern Girls.

In New York City in 1935, 19-year-old Dottie Krasinsky wakes up to her crowded, noisy Lower East Side tenement that she shares with her parents and four younger brothers. The daughter of Russian Jewish immigrants, Dottie’s future appears to be set. She has just been promoted to the head of her department, her social life is full and she expects to marry her long time boyfriend. Then she gets pregnant and not by her boyfriend.

A lifetime ago, Dottie’s mother Rose was part of the Socialist fervor that swept through Eastern Europe. Put on a boat to America by her father, Rose would soon live the life of an ordinary woman: that of a wife and a mother. In her late 30’s, Rose believes that she is done with bringing children into the world. But she too, is pregnant.

As Rose and Dottie grapple with their pregnancies, the external world is changing and becoming more dangerous. Both women must wrestle with the questions of fate, faith and the choices they must make to survive.

This book is nothing short of mesmerizing. Dottie’s dilemma is one faced by women throughout the ages. What I loved most was the strong relationship between mother and daughter and how it shifted, especially when Dottie’s pregnancy could no longer be hid. If the mark of a remarkable book is that I wanted more, then this book is remarkable.

I absolutely recommend it.


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