Flashback Friday- Serendipity (2001)

William Shakespeare once said the following: The course of true love never did run smooth.

In the 2001 movie Serendipity, Sara Thomas (Kate Beckinsale) and Jonathan Trager (John Cusack), met years ago when they were shopping for gloves for their then respective others in Bloomingdale’s in New York City. The attraction was instant. Jonathan was eager to move forward, but Sara was not. ┬áDeciding to test fate, they move on with their lives. Years later, when both Sara and Jonathan are engaged to other people, they begin to question if their relationship was or was not meant to be.

Anyone who has read this blog knows that I am a little selective when it comes to romantic dramas and comedies. There are far too many that are formulaic with predictable plots and one note characters. But this one is not. It has the standard narrative and characters for the genre, without the audience guessing the plot from the trailer.

Do I recommend it? Yes.

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