Streit’s Matzo & The American Dream Review

Anyone who knows anything about matzo knows that it is the dietary staple during Passover. Jews who celebrate Passover, following ancient tradition, replace their regular bread and bread products with matzo during the eight-day celebration.

Streit’s Matzo factory is one of the last bastions of the Jews who populated the lower east side of New York City 100 years ago. Utilizing the same recipe and technique that founder Aron Streit used 90 years ago, Streit’s¬†operated on Rivington Street for 90 years.

Streit’s Matzo and The American Dream hit theaters last month. Utilizing interviews with the company’s owners (currently the 5th generation of the family) and staff and archival footage, the documentary tells the story of not just the factory and it’s staff, but the story of the Jews in the United States. It is also the story of New York City and how it has changed in the last 90 years.


For my family and many other Jewish families who celebrate Passover, having matzo on our seder plate from Streit’s is simply tradition. What I found interesting about this documentary is that it not just the story of a business, but it is the story of how things change and when things change, we must adapt.

I recommend it.

Streit’s Matzo & The American Dream is playing at the Film Forum in New York City until May 10th.¬†

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