Her Father Raped Her. The Village Elders Had Her Whipped. What Is Wrong With This Picture?

There is a reason that feminism is still very badly needed.

In India, a young girl was raped by her father.  Was her father punished for raping his own child?

Yes. But not only was the father punished, but so was his daughter. She was whipped. Publicly.

What is wrong with this picture? A father rapes his child and she is punished?

This is the reason that feminism is needed and still very relevant. There are still countries in this world where a woman is still a second class citizen. A housekeeper, a baby maker, a maid, a sexual plaything. Nothing more. She is not even a human being, she is an object to be bought and sold in the name of marriage, to be used to punish her family for wrongdoings, perceived or real. She has no rights, no expectation of an education, of a career, of a life of her own choosing.

If someone can explain to me why feminism is unnecessary, please explain it to me. I beg to differ and I pray that this young lady will one day be able to rise above the abuse and injustice that she experienced.

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