Throwback Thursday-Escape From Sobibor (1987)

Sometimes, when circumstances seem impossible, all you need a little hope and courage.

In the 1987 television movie, Escape From Sobibor, the Jewish prisoners have not been gassed and their bodies burnt to ashes. But that does not mean that their suffering is less than their coreligionists in other Nazi concentration camps.  Based on the true story, on October 14th, 1943, the prisoners led by Leon Feldhendler (Alan Arkin) and Alexander “Sasha” Pechersky (Rutger Hauer) lead a revolt against the guards. They know that not one prisoner must not be left behind. Those that stay at the camp are sure to be tortured and murdered.

There is also the question of how to deal with their captors. It would be easy to stoop to their level, but how much freedom could they relish knowing that had killed another human being?

For me, this movie is a powerful one. Not just because it is a Holocaust film, but it deals with questions that have never been black and white.  This film is a reminder of not only the choices we make, but the questions that never have a simple answer.

I recommend it.


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