Flashback Friday More 80’s Television- ALF (1986-1990), Perfect Strangers (1986-1993) & Murphy Brown (1988-1998)

Oh, the 1980’s. It was the decade that transformed television. While the tried and true format remained, the audience was introduced to new narratives and new characters.

In this Flashback Friday episode, I am going to discuss three very different television shows from the 1980’s that showed the range of  television.

ALF (1986-1990)

ALF (voiced by Paul Fusco) is a loud mouth, wise cracking, wise ass alien find a home with a human family. Discovered in their garage, ALF becomes one of the family, in an annoying neighbor kind of way.


Perfect Strangers (1986-1993)

Larry (Mark Linn-Baker) is your typical American. He is high-strung, always has his aim on the target and prefers solitude. Larry’s distant cousin Balki (Bronson Pinchot) has come to America to find his family. The yin to Larry’s yang, Balki is idealistic, sees the glass half full and wants to spend loads of time with his cousin.

Murphy Brown (1988-1998)

Murphy Brown (Candice Bergen) is one of the top female news-people in the game.  While her ability to do her job is unsurpassed, her colleagues know her to have a sharp tongue,to be a little self interested, but also smart and capable. She also made the decision to become a single mother, which in the early 90’s ruffled many feathers, including former Vice President Quayle.

Do I recommend them? Why not?

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