Save Home Fires

As a woman, I find it hard to watch television when strong, capable, fully human female characters are sometimes hard to find.

Home Fires  (2015- Present) is one of those programs that contains these characters.

Set in a rural English village during World War II, the program is about the women of the village who despite their disagreements and setbacks have to learn to make the best of it during wartime.

The first season aired on PBS last year. I found the drama to entertaining and frankly, it was nice to see fully developed human female characters who were fully capable of standing on their own two feet. While the trailer for series 2 has been released, there is no word as to when it will air in America.

Sadly, the second series might not air in America as ITV is contemplating cancelling the program.

I get it. Not every show has a long life span and some shows, frankly are so bad that cancellation is obvious, it’s just a matter of time.

I would just hate for a program with female characters that send a positive message to be cancelled in place of other shows that continue to blast out archaic stereotypes or send less than positive vibes toward the female audience.

Happy Sunday and I look forward to series 2 of Home Fires.

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