Flashback Friday-The Ghost And Mrs. Muir (1947)

Any good love story contains a barrier to the couple’s potential happiness. Sometimes that barrier is that one of the potential lovers is dead.

In the 1947 romantic drama The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, Lucy Muir (Gene Tierney) is a widow. Not wanting to live with her late husband’s overbearing parents, Lucy moves to a seaside cottage with her young daughter and a servant. What appears to be an empty cottage not actually empty. What Lucy does not know that the rental agent knows is that the cottage has a resident: it’s deceased former owner, Captain Daniel Gregg (Rex Harrison).

Captain Gregg initially wants to use his less than corporeal state to scare away the new tenant. But Mrs. Muir is made of stronger stuff than the Captain anticipates. Soon they develop a friendship, but with one caveat. Mrs. Muir’s daughter must not know of the cottage’s fourth resident. That friendship turns to something more as Mrs. Muir is a pretty young widow who is not immune to catching the eyes of other men and the Captain is not really liking that….

I happen to like this movie. It is romantic and sweet without plying on the schmaltz.

Do I recommend it? Yes.



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