RIP Anton Yelchin

Life is short. We never know when it is going to end. If we are lucky, we will have the opportunity to live to a very old age.

Anton Yelchin will never know what it is like to grow old. He died today in freak car accident. He was only 27 years old.

While I am not a fan of his work, I was aware of who he was an actor. His life and career were only getting started.

Here today, gone tomorrow.

May his memory be a blessing to those who knew him and loved him.

Sometimes in life, we need a reminder that life is short and precious. Especially when one is dealing with depression and anxiety.

When a depressed person is at their lowest, death seems like the simplest solution. It is only way to quiet the demons that keep us from living a fulfilling life.

But death is not the answer, life is. We just need to find the courage to not let the demons lead us down the path to the grave.

That courage, unfortunately,  may only come to us when we are reminded that life is short and too precious to be wasted by depression and anxiety.

RIP Anton Yelchin.



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