Throwback Thursday-28 Days (2000)

Anyone who has grappled with an addiction to alcohol or drugs can tell you that breaking the addiction is not easy. It’s even harder on the ones who love them and only want the best for them, but are limited in their abilities to help.

In the movie 28 Days (2000), Gwen Cummings (Sandra Bullock) is at a major crossroads in her life. Gwen’s alcohol addiction has become so bad that she got drunk on the day of her sister’s wedding and gets into a car accident. She has two choices: go to jail or rehab. Gwen chooses rehab.

At first, Gwen is resistant to accept that she has a problem and use the tools at her disposal to deal with her problem. Then she begins to see the problems that her alcoholism has created and must work to not only make amends for her choices, but work to overcome her addiction.

Up to this point in her career, Sandra Bullock’s roles were mostly the heroine in predictable and bland romantic comedies. This film is much darker and her role much more complex. Alcoholism is a disease that millions of Americans grapple with every day. It is Gwen’s fight with herself that makes this movie seem less like fiction and more like the real struggle of those who are fighting within themselves daily to stay sober.

I recommend it.

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