Throwback Thursday-John Tucker Must Die (2006)

It’s tempting to want to get back at someone who has cheated on you. The question is, how far do you go?

In the 2006 film, John Tucker Must Die, John Tucker (Jesse Metcalfe) is the campus player. He goes through girlfriends like some go through clothes.

Fed up with John’s cheating ways, three of his ex-girlfriends get together to take him down. Heather (Ashanti), Beth (Sophia Bush) and Carrie (Arielle Kebbel) turn to the new girl in school, Kate (Brittany Snow) to take John down. After seeing her mother go through cheating boyfriend after cheating boyfriend, Kate is eager to get involved.

But things don’t go as planned. Kate starts to fall for John and it appears that John has finally put aside his cheating ways. Will the plan work and will John change or do old habits die-hard?

In terms of the high school/teen genre, the movie is an interesting one. Instead of the standard narrative and characters, the lead male is unlikable and the female leads are the center of the plot. Each of John’s ex’s come from different social circles. Other films would have pitted the girls against each other, but this film is a nice change from that outdated trope.

It’s also quite funny.

I recommend it.

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