The Babysitters Club- 30 Years And Still Going Strong

Last week, The Babysitters Club celebrated its 30th anniversary.

Set in small town Connecticut and written by Ann M. Martin, the book revolved around a group of teenage girls who start their own business as babysitters.

The cast of characters included Kristy (the tomboy), Claudia (the artist with the learning disability), Mary Anne (the quiet one), Stacey (the fashion plate), Dawn (the nature lover), Mallory (the one with the large family), Jessie (the dancer), Abby (the California transplant) and Logan (Mary Anne’s boyfriend).

Over the course of the series, the characters would deal with anything and everything that a pre-teen or an early teen would deal with during that time in life. With a large variety of characters, there was at least one character that the reader could identify with. Smartly adding diversity to the characters, (Claudia was Japanese-American, Jessie was African-American and Abby was Jewish), the series appealed to a wide range of readers.

Another aspect that made the books stand out was that these girls was smart, capable and not just looking for a boyfriend. Inspiring generations of girls to be themselves and take charge of their own future, The Babysitters Club left an indelible legacy on their audience.

While books inspired both a television series and a movie, it is the books themselves that this reader will always be grateful for.

Happy Birthday, Babysitters Club and thanks for the memories.

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