Throwback Thursday-The Man In The Iron Mask (1998)

For the common person, there is a mystique about what it is to be a king or queen. From the outside looking in, it may seem like a fairy tale. But those who are on the inside, they know better.

In the 1998 film, The Man In The Iron Mask, King Louie XIV (Leonardo DiCaprio) has a secret. He has a twin, Philippe (also played by Leonardo DiCaprio), who is locked away deep in the castle dungeon. Philippe’s crime is simply that he is a threat to his brother’s seat on the throne.

Louie cares only for the women who will join him in his bed and for the fortune that comes with the crown. He does not care that the people are starving. The Musketeers led by Aramis (Jeremy Irons), Athos (John Malkovich), Porthos (Gerard Depardieu) and D’Artangan (Gabriel Byrne) see the need to replace Louie with Philippe. The problem is that Phillipe has been hidden away for six years and the Musketeers are no longer young men.

Coming off the well, the titanic success of Titanic, the film seemed like a no-brainer for DiCaprio. Unfortunately, not even the acting cred and abilities of DiCaprio’s co-stars Jeremy Irons and Gabriel Byrne could save this film from the disaster that it is.

Do I recommend it? No.

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