Flashback Friday-The Count of Monte Cristo (2002)

Revenge, it is said, is often a dish best served cold. But sometimes, a little covertness is required to see the revenge to its completion.

In the 2002 movie, The Count Of Monte Cristo (based off the book of the same name by Alexander Dumas), Edmond Dantes (Jim Caviezel) has it all. A solid future, a woman he adores and who returns his affection and a best friend who means everything to him.

Then Edmond is accused of treason and locked away for 13 years.

After being freed from jail, Edmond has one thing on his mind: revenge. Entering proper society as the Count of Monte Cristo, he deliberately targets his former best friend, Fernand Mondego (Guy Pierce) who has taken everything from him, including the woman he loved, Mercedes Iguanada (Dagmara Dominczyk).

Bear in mind that I have never read the book, this review is strictly based on the movie.

It’s not a bad movie, but in terms of a period piece that is based on a famous novel, it could also be better.

Do I recommend it? Maybe.

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